FRAME | Information Gathering

We consult with clients on a variety of strategic and tactical business issues using the MMR Decision Framing System™ as guidance. There is always a business context behind information needs. We ask questions to understand WHY you need information, not just WHAT you need to know.

Business Purpose

Example Decision Points


  • Needs states / gap identification
  • Market potential / trial estimates / concept screening
  • Ideation


  • Features & benefit optimization
  • Concept / product testing
  • Claims Testing
  • Creative Message development
  • Consumer profiling & targeting
  • Name testing


  • Pricing strategy
  • Path to purchase / Customer Journey
  • Brand equity evaluation
  • Offer, promotion, tagline screening
  • Packaging, optimization / shelf impact testing


  • Market structure
  • Segmentation
  • Attitude & usage
  • Product & service optimization
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand extension assessment


  • Customer loyalty, retention, vulnerability
  • Brand / ad image tracking
  • Customer satisfaction

DESIGN | Project Planning

Our method-agnostic approach allows us to assess your business context and purpose first, and then apply the appropriate methods, technology, or existing data analysis. We never force-fit a research solution.


What type of questions best address research objectives?

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Existing data analysis


Who do we need to talk to?

  • Research panel
  • Existing customers
  • B2B / B2C
  • Domestic / International


How to best reach respondents?

  • Online
  • Central location (focus group, taste test, etc.)
  • In-the-moment (home, store, restaurant, event, etc.)
  • Phone (voice)
  • Mail


Which approach is the best fit?

  • Examples include:
  • Trade-off analysis (Discrete Choice, MaxDiff, etc.)
  • Drivers analysis (Stated vs. Derived importance using SVR, Factor Analysis, etc.)
  • Multimedia response (video, photo, diary, etc)
  • System 1 approaches (emotional & nonconscious inquiry)
  • Segmentation
  • Emerging needs
  • Perceptual mapping


How is an actionable POV most effectively conveyed?

  • Examples include:
  • Slide presentations
  • Video (animated graphics and/or respondent footage)
  • Infographics
  • Automated reporting / Dashboards
  • Simulators

DELIVER | Creation & Execution

We inspire confidence in decision making across industries. Fortune 500 and small business clients alike trust the MMR team as advisors for their marketing, branding, product, and operational challenges.

  • Agencies / Media & Communications

    Consulting Firms
    Advertising & Marketing Agencies
    PR / Communications
    Broadcast Programming

  • Automotive

    Auction Services
    Dealer Services
    Vehicle Manufacturers

  • Consumer Goods & Services

    Packaged Goods
    Durable Goods
    Alcoholic Beverages (wine beer, spirits, etc.)
    Children’s Products
    Pet Care

  • Financial Services

    Retail Banking
    Credit Cards
    Insurance Products (B2C & B2B)
    Investment Services
    Lending / Mortgages

  • Hospitality / Dining / Travel

    Restaurant (QSR, Casual & Fine Dining)
    Cruise Lines Airlines

  • Industrial / Housing

    Industrial Tools (Hand & Power)
    Shipping Products
    Consumer Packaging
    Home Improvement Products
    Residential Construction

  • Medical / Healthcare

    Health Insurance
    OTC & Pharma
    Eye Care

  • Retail

    Home Improvement
    Grocery / Mass Merchandise / Warehouse Club
    Sporting Goods
    Specialty Foods

  • Technology / Utilities

    Telecommunications Cable / Satellite TV
    Internet Security

Partnering to Add Value for Clients: Dapresy

Partnering to Add Value for Clients: Dapresy

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Case Study: In-Home Testing Highlights Operational Expertise

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