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Researching Ourselves: The MMR Brand Evolves

Having recently completed a multi-phased brand evolution process, MMR launches its new strategic positioning with a refocused concentration on providing customized, actionable research. MMR’s team of responsive, collaborative experts can save you time, extend your reach and give you confidence.


Established in 1999, MMR Research Associates recently went through a partnership reorganization process. Additionally, the research industry has become more competitive, and specialization between agencies less precise.  The new owners believed that this was the perfect opportunity to refresh the brand to reflect the growth of the team and the evolution of the service offering, while defining today’s MMR with greater clarity.


As a result of ownership restructuring, define a new vision for MMR Research Associates brand position using input from all employees and some existing clients. Using this evolved positioning, create a brand strategy that guides the development of branded materials and an ongoing marketing plan.


MMR’s own “Brand Foundation” process was used to direct this project. Brand Foundation is a robust, comprehensive process for examining a brand from multiple perspectives, culminating in a single, powerful vision of the brand linked to an organization’s heritage, spirit and mission. “State of the Brand” interviews with managing partners and selected clients, conducted by an external consultant, provided current perspective of the MMR brand. “Aspirational Vision” was explored through an employee workshop and additional client interviews. This methodology encourages consensus among all key internal constituencies for what the MMR brand stands for – a clear focused effort that everyone owns – and then validates the position with client advocates. The outcome of the Brand Foundation process is a guideline for direct action that the business team used to move forward with a common purpose, course and vision.

Through this effort, MMR evolved its Client Value Statement:

Time + Best Work + Extension of Me

and built a precise, purposeful, strategic brand story that expresses this value statement. Finally, we re-discovered our core purpose which sets out our vision for the future:

to inspire confidence.


MMR Research Associates has a new brand story that has evolved out of our 15-year history of designing custom solutions for our clients’ specific business decisions. The internal MMR brand team will now apply the new positioning across all client touchpoints to create a consistent campaign expression that celebrates our people and processes, features a new logo, and fulfills our mission to inspire confidence.

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