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By Bill Denk & Bruce Olson, Managing Partners

In our recap a year ago as we were heading into 2018 our theme was “Planning for Growth and Change”.   Happily, many of those plans came to fruition this past year, resulting in another VERY strong year for MMR in 2018…enabling us to exceed the 5-year goal we set in 2014 to double in size through organic growth.  We’re now a mid-size company in our industry and rapidly approaching a spot in the AMA Gold Top 50.

It’s hard to summarize so much change briefly, but that’s what we’ll do here… keep it focused on the big picture and let you follow links if you find something interesting.


Empowering smart, talented, and motivated people helps create and strengthen client partnerships.  Due to the great team we have and the wonderful clients we serve, 2018 was a record-breaking year for MMR and we believe we have the pieces in place to continue that momentum and growth into 2019.   Looking ahead, we expect to add additional headcount in client service and operations positions in the coming months.

If you know any smart and highly motivated team players who are looking for a dynamic, flexible work environment AND an opportunity to earn more, send them our way!


Our most newsworthy event of 2018 was the launch of a new MMR Division, called MMR LIVE, the brainchild and passion of division founder Patricia (Tricia) Houston.  MMR LIVE is an experience strategy group that helps companies create, improve, and measure experiences across all types of touchpoints.   They apply the principles of experiential marketing, engaging human market research solutions, and operational expertise to drive business action.    During this past year, Tricia has been busy building the MMR LIVE team, introducing MMR LIVE capabilities, creating new client relationships.  We were excited when we learned that Tricia’s goal is to build the MMR LIVE Division to be bigger than its parent!


A year ago, we shared our intent to continue exploring and innovating on behalf of our clients to vet and utilize new research tools.  And as always, “new” is not the only filter…we need to be convinced any new tool is a good match with client needs and helps deliver business impact.   During 2018 we fulfilled our innovation goal in a big way, as we became an incubator for and began broadly applying three exciting NEW approaches:

— Rapid Mindstate Profiling – In partnership with Will Leach, founder of Triggerpoint Design and author of Marketing to Mindstates, we helped refine and now have utilized the Rapid Mindstate Profiling (RaMP) methodology with some of our top clients. Using RaMP, we help clients identify & influence the nonconscious behavioral factors that guide consumer decision making.   A valuable perspective (from a client’s point of view) on how RaMP was used to help drive marketing strategy can be found here.

— Morphii – Morphii is a newly patented approach to capturing emotional responses of consumers, in the moment. We thoroughly tested Morphii in 2018 and found a great deal of potential for not just a more engaging way of measuring consumer response, but also as a permanent and effective replacement for NPS, STAR ratings and other one-metric systems.  And it has the ability to cross language barriers to provide a more consistent measurement of consumer’s emotional responses on a global scale.  During 2018 we rolled out the Morphii measurement system in over 25 studies and have an expanding database of Morphii norms.

— STAANCE – Last March we were fortunate to meet and initiate a partnership with the team from STAANCE, entrepreneurs who are on a mission to organize the world’s opinions. STAANCE is a social platform that operates as a research hub; it enables our clients to quickly engage consumers and listen to or spark organic conversations on topics of interest. A key benefit is access to Millennial and Gen Z consumers, and the ability to interact with them in a natural / less forced environment (i.e. social platform versus survey).


As we close 2018, we want to express our gratitude to MMR’s many wonderful clients for coming along with us on this journey.  Our promise for 2019 is to…

— continue with our consultative approach and our focus on business impact rather than on just insights

— strive to deliver the very best in high touch, high quality, flexible service to clients to make their lives easier

— retain the organizational simplicity and flexibility needed to move quickly for clients when inevitable change happens.

We look forward to another exciting year ahead!