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A Year with an Evolved Brand Story

By Bill Denk & Bruce Olson, Managing Partners

Following our partnership reorganization in early 2014, MMR went through a brand review to better understand our success so that we could define a new vision for better serving our clients. Using our own “Brand Foundation” process – a robust, comprehensive process for examining a brand from multiple perspectives, we arrived at a single, powerful brand strategy linked to our heritage, spirit and mission: MMR saves you time, extends your reach and inspires confidence. (read more)

Over the past year, MMR’s collaborative, expert team has executed against this strategy across all client touchpoints. We continue to expand our expertise, designing custom solutions focused on our clients’ specific business decisions, and have seen the breadth of the impact of this endeavor on our company’s growth.



The past 12 months have given us proof points – both external and internal – supporting our evolution.

In Quirks’ annual Corporate Research Report (October 2015), we found external reinforcement especially for our Client Bill of Rights. Editor Joseph Rydholm summarized an article about client/vendor relationships, reminding us all how important it is to understand not only the client’s business goals but also the actual project’s needs.

Additionally, as challenging as the client/vendor relationship can be, clear communication is key to continuing these relationships, particularly when it comes to report writing. Details are important, but how we tell the story with a disciplined approach, summarizing the data into easily-digested deliverables that recommend action, ensures that we are the research partners that clients return to over and over again. (See our story about practicing minimalism in reporting.)

Internally, our evolved strategy has led to MMR expansion and continued service development.

More studies: We have opened and completed a record number of studies this year, 20% more than 2014.

Expanded client portfolio: 30% of our projects this year were with new clients, broadening our experience to include new areas such as outdoor cooking, home security, and retail grocery.

Exploring new developments purposefully for our clients: One example – the explosion in survey completions on mobile devices and the implications for survey design. MMR has been educating clients on the issue and have evolved our survey design approaches to ensure ease of completion on mobile devices (read more). With up to 50% of respondents on some studies using a mobile device, this isn’t just convenient, it is essential.

Co-evaluating new methods with strategic partners and clients: An area of recent focus is measuring emotional response using implicit association measurement.  Together we are building real-life experiences and case studies to illustrate the incremental value this new measurement tool can provide.



For 2016, we will continue to improve our approach, looking for better ways to understand our clients’ businesses and build even greater consistency and efficiency in our processes.  Through conferences, internal workshops, and conversations with potential strategic partners, we’ll continue to explore the potential intersection of behavioral economics with traditional marketing research.  Our goal as always is to spot opportunities to bring new tools and approaches into our work for our clients in order to improve our recommendations and have a bigger impact on their business success.

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