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Exploring Options: MMR’s Newest Intern

Brea Wagner Photo for Blog 10.30.17

Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with academia is an important focus of MMR’s ongoing effort to stay ahead of the research curve. As part of this effort, MMR has created a robust internship program, welcoming several students each year to the Roswell office. This semester, MMR is hosting Brea Wagner, a recent graduate from Clemson University.

Brea’s undergraduate degree is in Sociology with a Business minor, and she has always been fascinated by “why” and “how” people make decisions. Pursuing a graduate degree in Marketing Research seemed a natural extension; she hopes to attend UGA’s Masters of Marketing Research next year.

While at MMR, Brea has been supporting both the Client Services and Client Relationships teams with survey testing, building databases, data checking and quality control during reporting and helping with MMR marketing. She has enjoyed learning about both qualitative and quantitative research, and the value of each to the overall research process. Some of her favorite opportunities have been assisting with focus groups sessions and sitting in on meetings with clients to get a better understanding of company business objectives.

“I find it very interesting that, based on the data gathered, it is possible to predict behavior and outcomes that can then be used for business insight,” explains Brea. “On the surface, the research process can seem relatively simple and straightforward, but it is possible to turn the results into really in depth and useful information.”

Her mentor, Shawn Wicker, is working to expand that perspective. “Brea has an inherent curiosity, which is vital to becoming a passionate market researcher. She is always asking ‘Why?’ During her internship experience, we have leveraged her curiosity by exposing her to various research techniques and teaching her research skills that empower her for the future.” According to Wicker, Brea is already managing her own project day-to-day, where she is responsible for survey writing, survey programming, and report development. “It has been a pleasure to watch her grow during the internship into someone who is assertive and confident, which we value here at MMR.”

Brea’s biggest surprise has been how niche, small, and interconnected the market research field is. She has already developed a small network that she hopes to grow and appreciates the exposure she has gained to the Supplier side of the research industry, knowing it is too soon to decide which side of the research equation she will pursue once she finishes her Master’s degree.

A native of Colorado, Brea lived in Beijing after graduation and while she enjoyed living in and traveling around Asia, she is excited to be in Georgia for the next phase of her life. Her free time is spent skiing, hiking and walking Atlanta’s beltline as well as trying new restaurants, reading, and, of course, staying connected with other Clemson fans and going back to campus for football games.


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