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Hearing from our Intern: Summer 2017

Brittany RookerDuring this past summer, MMR was pleased to have Brittany Rooker complete her internship with our team.  Maintaining a strong connection with academia is an important focus of MMR’s ongoing effort to stay ahead of the research curve, and our team learns as much from our interns as they (hopefully) learn from us.

A senior at Auburn University, Brittany is majoring in marketing, and aspires to work in sports marketing, specifically. Because she is good with numbers and math, she was intrigued by the idea of interning for a research company which would allow her to see how the numbers are used to justify specific decisions and actions that a marketer is considering.

While at MMR, Brittany has supported the client service team, with day-to-day responsibilities such as survey testing and report quality control. She also built a concept test bench-marking database for internal use, and managed a project of her own about emerging retail technology. “Managing a project from start to finish has been exciting, especially seeing my questionnaire put into the field and get responses,” explained Brittany. “My questionnaire finished with an open-ended question, and reading the responses was very encouraging. Participants said they loved the survey and learned so much from taking it. As an intern, it was very cool to see something I’ve worked on be so well-received.”

Internships at MMR allow students to see how classroom learning is implemented in the “real world.” One of Brittany’s biggest takeaway from her experience as an MMR intern was seeing how the experts implement techniques and methodologies in ways that are more efficient because of their experience. “Even the way the team thinks about questions has taught me so much. It’s all the little things that I have learned throughout my time here that I believe will make me a better student and employee.”

Her MMR mentor, Shawn Wicker, agrees. “It is important to remember the fundamentals of research, even as numerous innovative techniques are emerging in our industry. People who can execute accurately, decisively and efficiently will separate themselves, so having Brittany learn the nuts and bolts, and focus on the purpose of a study, is a ‘value add’ component to her education.” Shawn has enjoyed the mentoring process, especially watching Brittany grow each week and finally manage a project with minimal supervision using the knowledge he and his colleagues shared during this experience.

One aspect of the internship that stands out for Brittany was the opportunity to see the vendor side of marketing research, and be exposed to the different departments and roles within MMR. She now has a better understanding of the breadth of marketing research and the customer-focused process behind it. “No matter what kind of marketing you’re interested in pursuing, you have to understand that marketing is based so much on the customer. Regardless of whether you’re trying to sell football tickets or power tools, you have to be able to figure out what the customers are looking for and how best to target them. This internship has given me the opportunity to learn by doing and that kind of experience is irreplaceable.”

When not working, Brittany likes to hang out with family, and has enjoyed living with them for the summer as they live close to the MMR office. She and her family are big fans, and season ticket holders, of the Atlanta United, so she has attended nearly every home game. She heads back to Auburn this fall to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a concentration in Sales.

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