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Planning for 2018 Growth & Change

By Bill Denk & Bruce Olson, Managing Partners

Last December, we talked about our dual priorities of “Dealing with Growth and Change” along with Continued Exploration of new methods and dealing with the rapid change of our industry. Well, those two topics have remained top priorities this year and will remain priorities, we believe, for 2018! 


Growth is never assured in our industry; but our experience has shown that talented, passionate people are the starting point. We have continued to find no shortage of highly effective people on both sides of our industry who really enjoy a collaborative environment and the challenge of helping clients drive change and impact. Assembling and empowering such people behind a clear strategy continues to be a winning approach.

– Three years of rapid but purposeful growth has led to MMR being recognized on this year’s INC5000 list as one of the fastest growing private companies in America.

– We have continued to add key people as part of our planned expansion for growth strategy. In 2017 we “went WEST”, adding three new senior business developers in New Mexico, Northern and Southern California, along with a client service director and a graphics specialist.

Looking ahead, we believe this sets us up for another growth year in 2018, and we expect to add additional headcount in client service and operations positions in the coming months.


Meanwhile, keeping up with the rapid changes in our industry, especially in regards to technology, and helping our clients determine what adds value – and when – is also an ongoing and necessary effort. Over the past year we explored a broad range of topics via pilot tests, either for our own use or on behalf of clients, in areas such as new techniques for analysis of open ends and text data, and automated reporting and dashboard best practices.

During 2017, we also began/continued development in several areas that we will be ready to bring to clients in 2018, including:

– A truly new innovative approach (RaMP) which identifies the key behavioral factors (goals, motivations, psychological approach, mental shortcuts) that drive consumer choice behavior. Our testing of this approach continues our exploration of tools that integrate measurement of conscious and non-conscious factors affecting consumer behavior. Based on a rapidly developing partnership with an industry-leading (and award-winning) company headed by a leader in behavioral design, early in 2018 we expect to bring our clients this new and innovative way to understand and drive customer behavior. The key outcome for our clients is better and more actionable guidance for their messaging strategies and tactics.

– Our proprietary foray in CX, MMR Live is focused on building a better brand experience. We have been testing the use of a dynamic emoji-based measurement tool that is well-suited for both in-the-moment and online data capture. It is engaging and quick, and has the benefit of crossing language barriers.


Throughout 2017 members of the MMR team continued to be active and present in our industry. We presented at multiple conferences; continued to teach and mentor for the future; expanded and reinforced our relationship with UGA’s Master of Marketing Research program; became active board members in regional and national research industry organizations; and continued to add to our library of thought-leadership articles on a variety of industry topics.

2018 will see this continue as we carefully assess the value of such activities and evaluate what is useful to us as well as to our clients.


Still, our goal and recipe remain the same, and we will continue to build on the MMR Advantage by…

– providing VERY high touch, high quality, flexible services to our clients,

– continuing to focus on impact rather than on just insights and helping our clients by consulting to help them refine and clarify their focus, and

– maintaining the organizational flexibility needed to adjust to the rapid changes that are inevitable on the client side.

Ultimately, we can’t be all things to all people, but we will continue striving to “make our clients’ lives a little bit easier” and, in the process, building partnerships and loyalty.

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