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Qualitative Research With MMR's Quantitative Rigor

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Quantitative + Qualitative, Working Together

Qualitative and quantitative insights are the yin and yang of research: two opposite characteristics, descriptive and numerical, that when partnered with forethought, exist in harmony. Qualitative and quantitative research complement each other, deepening our understanding of the research topic and making decision-making intuitive.

Thorough research plans often need both a qualitative and a quantitative phase. A holistic understanding of your target audience’s needs, motivations, emotions, behaviors, attitudes, and preferences can inspire a range of stimuli to then test, including products, services, messaging, and packaging.

Research with the End Goal in Mind

Qualitative research has a reputation for being a messy and time-consuming process that results in a general data dump with no actionable next steps. However, starting the qualitative process with the end goal in mind brings the consumer to life in an engaging and streamlined way for researchers. This approach produces a succinct report that gives strategic guidance and direction.

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Create a Foundational Understanding
on a
Human Level

Understand the "Why"

Qualitative research provides the deep insights needed to understand quantitative data that drives business decisions, marketing efforts, sales teams, and ultimately transform your business.

Resonate with Your Audience

In today’s competitive landscape, consumers are inundated with targeted messaging. If your content isn't interesting or engaging, your business isn't creating lasting brand loyalty. 

Create Clear Differentiation

Consumers have a surplus of resources to help them research goods, services, and the brands that provide them. By finding a way to connect with your consumers on an emotional level by messaging to their inner most desires, wishes or fears your
brand will stand out. 

Dig Deeper with Qualitative Research

We all make hundreds of decisions a day, many unconsciously that are influenced by our beliefs, biases, and other situational factors. These unconscious thoughts are what drives consumer behavior and are tricky to uncover with simple questions and answers. Understanding what consumers do and why they do it requires qualitative research to scratch below the surface to identify their unarticulated needs and beliefs.

Qualitative research is an opportunity to not only walk in your consumers’ shoes but to feel and experience the world as they see it. Deep and thought-provoking questions, coupled with empathetic listening and observation, uncover underlying insights. Our results help brands spark innovative ideas and craft new messaging that speaks their audience’s language.

MMR's Qualitative Research Leads

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