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As we are all paying close attention to the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated challenges, our clients are asking about the ability to conduct research safely, effectively, and appropriately considering disruptions, social-distancing guidelines, and “shelter in place” requirements.

Quantitative research via panels has been minimally affected. Panelists have opted in and continue to participate in surveys. If anything, response rates have been higher as respondents are not as busy with other activities. We do not see a need to curtail surveys using panel sample unless the topic is impacted by the pandemic, making the data unreliable.   Shopper research is a good example of the type of work we would not recommend in this environment.

Qualitative research has been affected more dramatically. Online groups and online journals can still be readily conducted. In-person qualitative has by in large been stopped. We are advising clients to shift from in-person to remote methods wherever feasible.

For more information, please see these guidelines from the Insights Association.

Be well, and stay safe! If you have questions or concerns about anything, don’t hesitate to ask; we will be here. You can reach us at (770) 650-5005 or at


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