What Makes MMR Research Different?

Ask our clients and they'll tell you that MMR is the leader in delivering Decision-Focused custom research through High Impact Reports, and providing a Superior Client Experience along the way. It happens because of our unique academic training, our depth of research experience, and because we've walked in your shoes.

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At MMR, we believe the purpose of every custom research study is to build a point of view about a business decision.

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At MMR Research, we go way beyond "providing information".

When the purpose of a study is to form a POV on a business decision, the deliverable can be focused and organized.

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Yes, we've walked in your shoes!!
MMR team members have spent decades working in and for major corporations. 

We have asked clients what they value in research providers. 

We have designed your client experience with those needs in mind!

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The founders, partners and majority of MMR Research staff & analysts possess Masters of Marketing Research (MMR) degrees from University of Georgia. Team members who did not come from the MMR program have MBAs, MAs or PhDs from other institutions.

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