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Atlanta, Georgia | April 26, 2023 - MMR Research Associates (MMR) is expanding its qualitative research offerings. This move comes in response to the growing demand for qualitative research as businesses seek deeper insights into consumer behavior and preferences. The combination of qualitative and quantitative research allows MMR to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to marketing research.

"We found great success with our quantitative work and knew we could take it one step further with deeper qualitative insights," said Heather Miller, VP of Qualitative Client Strategy at MMR. "We can use the results from our quantitative studies to inform the focus of qualitative studies that follow, and vice versa. Taking both a quantitative and qualitative approach allows our team to deliver even more impactful insights and actionable direction."

As part of MMR's expanded qualitative research offering, they established a dynamic new partnership with SpencerHall, one of the country's leading independent qualitative consumer research and innovation consultancies. This partnership connects MMR's industry-leading research practices with SpencerHall's proprietary qualitative research methodologies to provide clients a clear and focused approach to solving business issues.

"At SpencerHall, we're proud of how we've pioneered inventive qualitative research methods over our 25+ year history and excited to team up with the great people at MMR," said Jon Hall, Founder of SpencerHall. "The MMR-SpencerHall partnership will enable us to design optimal research to address clients' business needs most effectively."

MMR delivers seamless qualitative and quantitative research projects grounded in context and focused on business objectives. Beyond results, research projects are executed with the nimbleness and flexibility upon which MMR's reputation is built. In MMR, clients have a true strategic partner that offers proactive recommendations, clarity of purpose, and headache-free projects from the initial scoping to the final presentation.

By expanding its qualitative research practice, MMR Research Associates is well-positioned to offer clients a more comprehensive and integrated approach to marketing research. With a team of experienced professionals and a range of research methodologies, MMR is poised to deliver even greater value to its clients in the coming years.

About MMR Research Associates:

Since 1999, MMR Research Associates has been delivering focused, trustworthy data and actionable recommendations that drive business decisions. Enterprise, mid-sized and small businesses worldwide put MMR's insights to work to improve their customer relationships, growth strategy, brand performance, product development, and operational challenges. MMR believes it's not about what information you need. It's about why you need it. To learn more about MMR Research Associates, visit or email

About SpencerHall:

Established in 1996, SpencerHall is one of the country's leading independent consumer research and innovation consultancies. Their goal is to inspire clients to do things differently, guiding them to a higher point of strategic clarity, consumer relevance, and brilliant new ideas. SpencerHall's research and consulting expertise across a myriad of assignments, industries, and B2C and B2B targets ensures that clients get the most out of every project.


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